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10 Times WWE Made Us Ashamed To Be Wrestling Fans

She said WWE management all agreed Joe wwe be fired. An emotional AJ appeared on the titan tron to apologise for not being at SmackDown. The video showed English practising his singing on camera in a hotel room, before Lana knocked on wwe door. Entering the hotel room, she told English: Even so, with the number of sex tape and nude photo leaks female superstars have suffered in the last 18 months, this angle is close to the bone.

10 Times WWE Made Us Ashamed To Be Wrestling Fans – Page 7

After slamming WWE officials sex week for not putting her on the Super Show-Down poster, Becky made up her own poster… with herself standing over the beaten Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte ran down to exact some revenge. She beat Becky, suplexed her into the poster, and then locked in a Bret Hart-style Figure-4 while hanging off the apron. But live chanted for Becky. It just proves the champ is right. Randy then dragged Tye to the corner post and stuck his finger between the steel nut of the turnbuckle, nudepornboy supposedly bent his finger back over the metal.

SmackDown report: WWE star Lana's 'sex tape' revealed by Aiden English as AJ vows to bury Samoa Joe

As expected, Miz went to interfere. He live attacked Bryan, threw him around sex ringside, and then hit the Skull-Crushing Finale.

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