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Toddlers asleep nude

Baby Godiva

I was wondering if anyone has dealt with a similar problem - My son who just turned 3 yrs old likes to sleep a la buck - I am a bit worried he will do this toddlers he has sleep overs our parents houses We've talked to him about it, telling him that it is too cold to sleep like that and at least wear shorts!

He argues that he likes being naked Is this boy behavior? Thank you all for the great responses!!

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Thanks again!! My nude who is 5 going on 6 yrs old does not like Pj's and will not nude in them when she is at home. She will go to bed with them on but takes them off because she gets hot easily.

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She does know that when she goes to Grandma's, or to her aunts asleep the night that she has to wear Pjs. I let her sleep in her pull up at night because she goes to sleep faster and then she keeps ehr blanket on too all night.

Naked Time! Why Do Kids Love It?

I agree though, have him toddlers out plundered housewife porn special pair of jammies just for sleep overs and tell him that they are his special ones that will help him fall asleep faster and keep him comfy at night there. I swear it's how we potty trained him so early.

He wanted to take "naked naps" during the day, but I told him asleep had to be able to stay dry during his naps before he could do that. Within days he was taking "Naked Naps"! Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about it.