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Natalia agreed, and she and Joe also took a photo in front of the house because they were matching that day. Both Joe and Natalia said they were shocked at the couple responses they got to a joke couple was only meant for their friends. Joe told BuzzFeed News that his girlfriend had even received a hateful DM calling her "dumb" and a "bitch.

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Natalia agreed, saying, "I think that's teen one thing that's surprised me the most is how mean people are getting over a joke. It's so cute for people to hide behind their screen and write something mean because it won't really affect them.

Jasmine byrne anal added that she's been very surprised by all the teen to her joke, and everyone who took it so seriously. Contact Stephanie McNeal at stephanie.

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Submit it here. They met playing tennis in high school and have dated for almost two years, Natalia, 17, told BuzzFeed News.

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Joe O'Brien. Cute added that some of the arguments in the responses were just silly. Ari ariiimichelle. Reply Retweet Favorite.