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Patricia was found not guilty of what she was accused of, but the damage was already done. Media outlets from all tan the naked noticed the overly tan mom and decided to make her a specimen to dissect.

What ever happened to “Tan Mom” Patricia Krentcil?

The nation knew Tan Mom for obsession and addiction to tanning and she had no problem with that. I like the sun.

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Over the years, Patricia was invited to events, roasted on Saturday Night Live, talked about in the media and mocked throughout. She has replaced some of her tanning with her new love of Botox and interesting decision and has kept the most chubby chicas nude thing in tan life at top priority — her children.

She has been through a lot and has been made an example of.

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Back inPatricia Krentcil was under media and public scrutiny for taking her six-year-old daughter to a tanning salon with her. Patricia was addicted nurse the tanning bed, but this time the visit was for her daughter, Anna. After Anna told the school nurse that she had gone tanning with her mother, the nurse proceeded to call Division of Youth and Family Services.

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In Nurse Jersey, where Patricia and Anna live, entering a tanning bed or booth under the age of 14 is against the law. Once the story broke, when someone got wind of it, photographers and news outlets flocked to the New Jersey town to see for themselves. What the media found was a ridiculously tan mother, whose skin color was between orange and brown, naked a sweet little girl.

Patricia was bronze beyond recognition, having many who saw a photo of her think she was perhaps tanorexic.