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Marwa resettled with her family in Germany, but doctors there encouraged her to seek more sophisticated medical treatment in America following 13 girl to repair syrian from third-degree burns syrian her face, arms and chest. Shriners Hospitals for Children in Drawn anal scheduled an appointment to treat Marwa in November and a volunteer agency in Massachusetts offered to provide temporary housing for her and her father.

Syrian girl disfigured by bomb attack refused US visa under Trump travel ban

But the US government denied her visa on 20 December, claiming there was not sex evidence to prove she would return to Germany. Consular offices can issues visa waivers on a case-by-case basis, but advocates have warned these waivers are rarely granted and the process for getting one lacks transparency.

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Last month, a Yemeni mother was only granted a visa to visit her dying clemson nudes son in California after her case received worldwide attention. She had been repeatedly denied the visa before, but made it to California a week before he died. The state department said in a letter to Marwa that her visa was rejected because her application did not prove she would return to Germany.

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The state department would not provide sex information to the Guardian because visa records are confidential. German doctors referred her to a psychiatric clinic because of her distress over not being able to get the reconstructive surgery she so desperately wants.


Her family fled Syria for Turkey, where girl received her first treatment for wounds that have left her face a bright pink and white. Severe trauma to her arms and hands has left her fingers brown and mangled and the skin around her eyes has changed shape. Last year, her family was thrilled to see her rap onstage with classmates in front of a crowd of people during a music festival near her home outside Nuremberg.