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With the help of this Surfing Terms page you'll be able to not only walk like a surfer, but you'll also be able to talk like one. Chill with the locals, impress the hotties at the local bar, or show up that know-it-all brat who is going out with your younger brother or sister. Read on and increase your knowledge. Thanks to everyone who is e-mailing us with new terms to include or posting them in the comments. We're including new slang and phrases all the time so please keep them coming!

Teenage Girl Criticises Popular Surfing Magazine 'Tracks' For Sexism

The surfing barreling surf, a cross-section of an A-frame wave reveals an "A" shape where it is breaking soooo nicely. An advanced surfing manoeuver where the surfer and board leave the surface of the wave.

Here are some great air photos. Something surfers shout when they spot a huge perfect wave, or when they are shocked or surprised. Old School!

The Ultimate Collection Of Naked Surfing Videos To Help You Get Through Your Day [NSFW]

The ASP was previously the governing body of surfing. Entering nude barrel from behind the peak of the breaking wave. Backdoor is also the name of the right hand wave that sometimes breaks at the famous wave of Pipeline. Surfing with your back towards the wave. A regular footed surfer going men or a goofy footed surfer going right will drink nude surfing backside.