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Sucking tampons images

It's something I've just "known" for so long that I can't even remember where I first heard it: Never, under any circumstances, sleep with a tampon in. I never questioned it. It always seemed, to me, like one of the cardinal rules of having a vagina. And so, ever images I started having periods more than ten years ago, I've bought images, pads, and eventually a menstrual cup to wear while I concurrently slept and menstruated, sans tampon.

Did Everyone But Me Know It's OK To Sleep in Tampons?

Even after I got this job and started reading and writing about periods a lotI kept on uncorking my vagina before bed. Unless any of my friends have secret careers moonlighting sucking ob-gyns or nurses, I can confidently say I know more sucking periods than they do.

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So when goodnudegirl friend recently told me tampons sleeps in a tampon when she's on her period, I laughed and looked at her like she was a maniac. Don't sleep in a tampon, because you will get toxic shock syndrome and die. But then she looked at me like I was a maniac, and that's the precise moment when my entire belief system started to crumble.

11 things that happen when you start using a menstrual cup

I shouldn't be surprised that so many people around me were managing their periods a certain way, and I just had no idea about it. When I brought the concept of sleeping in a tampon to facial massage strokes friends, and eventually to tampons entire office chatroom, people owned up to sleeping in tampons but quickly followed the admission up with, Period shame is a strong force, and it's even stronger when applied nackedsexyteens "right" and "wrong" ways to covertly manage it.

The more people I asked, the more I realized sleeping in a tampon was exceedingly normal. The edges of my world melted away and a veil lifted from my eyes.

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