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One comment in particular got me thinking. A Latino man wrote to me directly on my Instagram, Nueva Yorkaexpressing his disappointment in my article. Thank you. I immediately felt defensive, angry, and, to be honest, hurt. What are all these stereotypes and how dangerous are they?

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The overarching theme is an idea of homogeneity in the Shes naked gifs community despite the fact that it is made up spicy so many latina countries and cultural identities. The Marketing and Making of a Peopledescribes the U.

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They have a huge impact because there are very few representations of Latinas that circulate in mainstream society. I must agree that in my growing up, I saw very few Latinas portrayed in American film, television, and advertising.

So when they did appear, it made quite an impression.

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I noticed her magazine — wild, dark curlsjust like mine. I noticed the curve of her hips — the severe slope — just like mine. It felt good to see it — a Latina on the big glitzy screen.