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Rachel Adams is the latest addition to the school's best cheer squad. With that comes a lot of responsibility Head Spankedcheerleaders, Johnny Lake, invites Rachel to meet him after practice as he has vicki kennedy nude some worrying things about her and wants her to start off understanding how discipline and order are maintained in his squad.

The Cheerleader Spanking

She is understandably nervous as some of her misdemeanors are reeled off but these are things with which the coach can work with. Discipline is done the old fashioned way and she knows that means a spanking.

Rachel feels the pain of any type of physical punishment keenly and it brings genuine spankedcheerleaders to her face quickly. This spanking is no different, and before her tight cheer panties are pulled down for a bare bottom hand spanking, she is crying freely as the tears flow.

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Her bouncing spankedcheerleaders bottom is spanked hard and it shows. Rachel is blubbing and her tears become a flood as she soaks the couch. Mucous pours out of her nose, mixing with the sobbing tears creating a messy puddle of shame!

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