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Sookie nudes

This week's new Entertainment Weekly magazine cover features a fully naked Sookie Stackhouse -- in a coffin -- in the arms of a clothed vampire Bill played by real-life couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer.

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Seriously, why not nudes Moyer as nude as Sookie on the cover? They've done it before for that famous Rolling Stones magazine nudes. Oh, well. Looks like the double standard may have been applied for this photoshoot, which is a sookie shame, because the hit HBO series has always portrayed equal-opportunity nudity.

At least it hymem pics like neither Moyer nor Paquin is fazed by all the skin in True Blood.

The Hottest Women on True Blood

While directing a love scene between Sookie and Alcide Joe Manganiello in an upcoming episode, Moyer said:. Annnnd one more for the road, with some of the obscuring text removed. This one is definitely NSFW:.

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