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Nudist Beach Etiquette

By Bernd Biege. Hoping to strip off, bare it all, and go for a bit of naked in Ireland? Daring beachgoers and dedicated nudists may face a few hurdles beach going all natural because nudism and public nudity in Ireland are tricky skinny caught between outdated laws and often conservative social rules. To be blunt—public nudity is illegal in Ireland.

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Yet, Ireland's first official nudist briana banks fat, Hawk Cliff in Dalkey in County Dublin, was opened in and was met with mixed reactions. Signs were posted to inform the unaware that people may be there sans clothing.

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Several other secluded beaches have long been known as unofficial nudist retreats. In certain areas, going for a naked swim is even a part of local tradition.

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However, if you strip off skinny the wrong area, you might find yourself with a lot of explaining to do. Even topless tanning, the norm on most continental European beaches, is severely frowned upon.

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The criminal law recognizes that exposure is only forbidden if it aims to offend. That means that consenting nudity might be legal—or at least that the law is open to interpretation. What it boils down to is this: If someone feels fear, naked or alarm and reports you to the police, beach you could face legal action. Technically, local governments already have the power to establish clothes-free or clothing-optional areas on beaches.