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Skinniest girl

Meet the world’s (naturally) skinniest woman - Marie Claire - South Africa

Do you know the name of the thinnest woman in the world? What woman has the thinnest waist in the world? Where does the thinnest lady on the planet live and what is her weight? You will be shocked small titted girl the stories we age going to tell you. Valeria Levitin became known to the whole world because of a record low body weight. Sources such as vyperlook.

The Skinniest Woman In The World

Unfortunately, the girl is not listed in the Guinness Book of Records. But this did not prevent her girl obtaining one of the most terrible titles. Valeria was born in Russia in When the girl was 16 years old, her parents moved to Monaco. The fashion for thin models and bullying of peers decided the fate of Lera.

World Skinniest People You should Know

That's how Levitin looked at adolescence. How to make your buttocks bigger without exercise. Our readers will say that she looked great, and skinniest will be absolutely right!