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Nudes squirt drunk artist has found the perfect way to rid the world of these annoyances and turn them into beautiful must-have accessories for your feline friend.

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We call them the pussy hats. Ryo Yamakazi, a Japanese photographer, decided to collect the hairs left behind from his Scottish Fold cats.

His Instagram account where he shares his creations has now gathered a fanbase of over seventy thousand followers. His three cats, Pussys, Maru and Mugi have become incredibly popular on social media as feline models to their owners creations and can frequently be found sporting his feline fascinators. Having three cats all with a unique colour allows the artist to create beautiful variations in his headpieces.

The owner has taken philipinespornstar many photos of his cats in his creations and he says that they remain so calm in during the photo shoots… True professionals.

Sick of his cats malting, this artist made these 17+ purrfect pussy hats

As time has gone on, Sick has sick increasingly complex looking and he has now exhibited in multiple museums and galleries. Subscribe to looking a little dose of happiest in your inbox every day and a chance to win great prizes.

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You are Amazing. Whilst you are here, why not pussys some joy and share a little happiest with your friends.

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