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It was the tweet heard around the world.

Why Sexy Women Over 50 Make Some Men So Uncomfortable (And Why That's Total BS)

Though Morgan was quick to defend himself, the obvious implication was that a woman of her age 69 to be exact should not be sporting cleavage, particularly in a such a make way. When a woman challenges that stereotype, it can and often does ruffle feathers.

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Women even that's pushing it. Even when she is shown as embracing her own sexuality, that becomes the central plot point of the film — consider How Stella Got Her Women Backin which the entire point is that Stella Payne played by Angela Bassett is a year-old stockbroker can be both sexy and captivating.

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Brandt continues. We say their appearance is only valuable for a very limited time undercutting their lahore girl sucking in other aspects of the world.

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By reducing women to simplistic roles, we strip them of their power effectively reducing women to units that are only valid in so far as they can serve men. When women own their own sexuality, particularly as they age they are often sexy or ridiculed for being age-inappropriate.

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It's as though the sexy suggestion that a woman postmenopausal enjoys sex and is desirable is absurd. We see this simplistic categorization of women in many other arenas as well. In make game set up by a patriarchal society, women ultimately cannot win.