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Sexy women driving

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Is driving a stick shift a dying masculine art? Is a woman who sexy a stick shift some kind of badass unicorn? Recent news suggests both. A year-old woman in Columbia, South Carolina, proved as much when, walking to her apartment parking lot to get into her car, she was met by a trio of gun-wielding dudes who robbed her and forced her into her car to take them to the nearest ATM.

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When they realized the car had a stick shift, one of them fled. The story satisfies because it operates on two typically held, sexy unscrutinized assumptions: All men are able to drive stick shifts; all women who drive them are rare and impressive. Women stereotypically have no clue about cars. When it comes to exercising control and knowledge over a large piece of machinery, women are, again, stereotypically inept.

Men Think It’s Sexy When Women Drive Stick Because Handjobs

Although I know these stereotypes are not always correct, my mother and sister both know how to drive a standard the fact that this knowledge and control is so rare, it becomes sexy.

Yet even today, we associate driving with manliness, and at women anecdotally, men still women to do the driving on dates and road trips. They ask you out; they take you on dates; they open car doors; they pick the makeout spot. This extends sharon pink porn the way down the stick shift, aka, the driving shift.

Shifting a gear is considered a manly act and has given a lot of ladies a lot of trouble in the car. This is because, ignoring all multitasking debates, the ladies find it difficult to nude tatoo on the road and still shift the gear perfectly, making driving an art that only men have mastered to perfection.