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As in, the same CW that promoted Scens Girl by plastering post-coital teen characters on billboards across the country captioned with the Parent's Television Council's decision that the series was "mind-blowingly inappropriate. Naturally, the Scens latest teen sensation gets pretty hot and heavy, and we've put together a list of Riverdale wet blowjob porn sexiest moments so you can relive them all. The CW. Riverdale really let us know what was up during its very first trailer.

Archie Andrews, teenage construction worker, wipes his sweaty face with his tee-shirt and unleashes his six-pack onto an unsuspecting public. Miss Grundy might have been a literal predator, but you've got to admit, she had great taste.

The Sexiest Most Titillating Nude Movie Scene Ever

Grundy, on the other hand, should feel very, very creepy. KJ Apa never wears a shirt on Sexyand we'd like sexy keep it that way, thankyouverymuch. Totally normal teen behavior.

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The Musical like any straight man would: