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The gratuitous shirtless scene is a Marvel-movie staple, and few of its heroes have been paraded around half-nude more than Chris Hemsworth. As Thor, possibly the most swole superhero in the Marvel cinematic universe, Hemsworth bustynakedwomen be counted on to sexy remove his shirt for no reason whatsoever beyond marketing purposes.

The latest Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarokreadily continues that tradition — hulk yup, Hemsworth still has physical dimensions that would make almost any mortal man envious — but at the same time, Marvel realizes that the ante must be upped.

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This is the third Thor movie, and the stakes are higher than ever before. We need more than just another Thor shirtless scene, even if this one comes complete with his fetching new hairdo.

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We need, it seems, Hulk butt. The Marvel cinematic universe has not seen fit to give us nude scenes before, not even in the unrated Netflix shows where superheroes sometimes sex it up, naked always within tasteful basic-cable parameters. It falls to Thor: Ragnarokthen, to break that barrier in the most unexpected way, stripping the familiar purple skivvies off the Hulk in a nude scene as cheeky as director Taika Waititi.

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