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Sexy girls smoke

I am a smoker, I dont know if that makes me bias I dont think it does, I always remember thinking it looked rather alluring girls old movies way before I started. I just smoke it inexplicably attractive.

Girls that smoke....attractive???

Just saw a promotional picture of a pornstardildos sexy looking Lana Del Rey with a smoke hanging from the corner of her mouth and felt compelled to ask my fellow gamespotters.

Perhaps its the combo of the blood red sexy and sexy white stick, maybe its slightly phallic, maybe its the "bad girl" vibe. I honestly couldnt tell you why I like it decisively. What say ye gamespotters?

Sexy Girls Smoke GIFs

I appreciate the dangers of smoke, I am not ignorant to the health implications nor am I really passing girls on them in this topic. It can be a major turn on for me, when done with style and spontaneity of course.

whipping sex slaves

Frankly, I find that spot of lipstick on the cigarette disgusting. I generally find smoking a turn off. Not attractive or rather, it doesn't add to a woman's appeal. For the bad girl look, the leather jacket would suffice.