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Sex with prof

Ever have a story so hot it would be wrong not to share it with the rest of the world? We're here to listen.

Can I sleep with my prof?

Each week, we'll with you tempting tales from our readers that will definitely keep you up all night—in the best way possible. Ha, an actual schoolgirl crush. What attracted you to him? My professor and I had a lot of similar interests.

We both liked bike riding, so that was an easy way to break the ice. He was pretty friendly prof all his students, and we became friends, too. There was a physical attraction there, so I started to fantasize about hooking up with him.

"I Fantasized About Having Sex With My College Professor, and Then It Actually Happened" - Maxim

When did it become sex reality? We got pretty flirty by the end of the year. Then, he had a mixer at his place with a lot of students. It was a casual thing, with everyone just sitting around, talking, and having a vedio pussy girl of wine.