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Rusian sex parties

It could be a Friday night at the theater. Outside a performance center in Moscow, girls in heels and long coats and men in suits line up mainly as couples, talking quietly, men with their hands lightly placed hi defpussy pics their partners' backs.

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At the door, a girl in jeans is being denied entrance. According to some of the classy queuers, securing a ticket to this sex party isn't easy.

'Kinky Party' Is Starting a Russian Sexual Revolution

Hopefuls must fill out an online form. Then the party organizers do a social media check on each applicant, making a judgment based on the applicant's "look" and whether they have mutual friends. Read more: Inside there is a dance floor where two girls wearing gimp masks are playing Die Antwoord.

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In a second room, guests sit in pairs as a glittery, year-old blonde named Elena Rydkina is speaking instructions into rusian microphone. Last year, Rydkina and her friend Tanya Dmitrieva started Sexprosveta sex education project for adults that aims to, according to its tagline, parties "sexual ignorance in a country where there is no sex.

Statistics and Social Request" and "Power and Sexuality: They also host talks and events on topics like polyamory and BDSM, which are, according to Dmitrieva, taboo in Moscow, associated with cult-like subcultures and slandered as "perverted and dirty—even by the nice people and family friends whom Sex respect and love.

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