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Ratatouille por

Vol-au-vent de ratatouille. - Picture of Malena Restobar, Murcia - TripAdvisor

Did you love the movie Ratatouille? Check out undress kaitlin olson slow-cooker version ratatouille the classic French dish, which will satisfy your curiosity… and your stomach.

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Call me Remy cuz I've por ratatouille ratatouille disney pixar. A post shared by Emily Pospisil em.


Slice the potatoes, onions, bell peppers, zucchinis and squash into circles. Make sure the potatoes ratatouille squash are on the thicker side, and the onions and peppers on the thinner side.

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Mix in the basil and salt into your marinara sauce to taste. Cover the bottom of your slow cooker with a layer of sauce. Then, layer your vegetables in a circular pattern around the base of the slow cooker, alternating between vegetables until you cover the bottom of por slow cooker pot.

Then add another layer of vegetables, using the same alternating pattern until you cover that layer of tomato sauce.

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