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Poppin ass

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Poppin testo. Yeah, yeah Sugar trap bitch Haha haha Rico-Rico This ain't no mother fucking playground Bitch we don't play 'round I was wearing wigs Think Poppin moving on to braids now Everything I do That, she wanna do it too now Petite girl model how I move Tryna study all the tools But you can't, you a lame I can tell your pussy stank Riding in that big body, when I hop out bet it dank I'm on E little bitch, but I got a full tank Fake on me little bitch, bet it make a bitch shake First time I hit a mill I went and got some Gucci Tell these bitches pull up and they playing hooky If you ain't got bottles or bands bitch, don't book me Run up on her, dark alley, in a black hoodie B-b-b-bitch this ass sugar trap turn your shit to puddin' I'm always in the ass bitch look at what I'm cookin' I'm always this in some new shit so these hoes lookin' And if you run up I bet you getting your shit tooken.

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Writer s: Sugar Trap 2 Data di pubblicazione: Tracking list e i testi dell'album: TOP poppin Rico Nasty: Tutti i testi di Rico Nasty. Rico Nasty:

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