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Regardless of the fact that Cleveland has been an epicenter for punk rock since its early days, it has remained but a footnote in most books, blogs, and documentaries. For a lot of people, Cleveland hardcore the butt of some ill-formed joke, but for others it can be the wildest date on tour. Having grown up in the city, it never really felt that strange until I started going to shows in other places.


No one where else was fireworks, bottles, garbage, and debris being hurled past your head not only common, but encouraged. At the same time that Integrity was going strong, both of their guitarists, Aaron Melnick and Chris Smith, were also playing in Inmates; at the same time Bob Zeiger was playing drums for Ringworm he was also in Cider.

It is this meshing of styles and personality that defines Cleveland.

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Cleveland is hardcore city of crazy stories; the only difference is that our stories are all true. That is why when I heard that someone was making a documentary about Cleveland hardcore called Destroy Cleveland I was an hardcore supporter.

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Over the next two years, I sort of fell in and out of thinking about the project, but last week when the filmmaker Matthew Greenfield dropped the first trailer, I was floored. With the documentary slated for release in the upcoming teen ciara fucking, Matthew Greenfield and I talked about why Cleveland deserves a film and the process of actually getting it made. I first caught wind of you surprisingly not through going to shows or in Cleveland at all, but through your website RustBeltHammer.

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At what point did you start realizing you wanted to document Northeast Ohio punk? Matthew Greenfield: I should have done it when I lived in Kent and Youngstown but never even thought about having my own site.