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Nude english

Nudity or nakedness is when a person is not wearing clothes.

The word "nudity" can also be used when only part of a person's body is uncovered. It is used particularly if the person's genitals or a woman's nipples can be seen, even if nude parts of the body are covered. Nudity can also mean that a person is wearing less clothing that other people would expect. This type of nudity is related to culture.

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People of different cultures wear different amounts of clothing, and keep different parts of the body covered. For some people nudity is a lifestyle, belief system or a default state of being, which is called naturism or nudism. The word "nude" is often used in art. A "nude figure" is a figure without clothes on.

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The english figure might be a live person who is posing for an artist. A painting or sculpture that shows a nude figure is often just called a "nude". In most cultures black nude strippers is normal to keep parts of the body covered.