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Hottest actresses anal warning up front: This is because apparently Australian women and men really love taking their clothes off in nature. The Daily Mail reports the account was the brainchild of a "health professional" named Brendan Jones, who said he posted a carefully-posed image of himself wearing nothing but air and "No one thought it was weird, it was well-received and encouraged.

Nude pic slam ignites Aussie rivalry

Jones then nude making "group shots" woman friends and posting those—always positioning themselves so they didn't run afoul of Instagram's unfortunate nudity restrictions—and eventually decided to make a standalone account. As a result, Jones has learned since he began the page in that there are literally hundreds of Aussies who are happy to let the world know ausie their clothes-free enjoyment of great sites around the world.

Jones told an Australian paper that he believes "People ausie feel ashamed or embarrassed to go skinny dipping or go to a nude beach," and that "in a world of such bodyshaming" he thinks "being naked in nature is woman for people to overcome their image problems. He nude a good point. There are plenty of bodies featured on the account who definitely have nothing to be ashamed of. Maxim Cover Girl.

Check Out the Women of the Funny and Hot 'Get Naked Australia' Instagram Account

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