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Natalie portman masterbates

Attention, Men: We Don't Masturbate Like That.

It's probably the fact that Hollywood is primarily stacked with male directors and producers that most men have the same boring idea of what female masturbation looks like.

The woman's always on her back, her fingers sliiiide tastefully down under the covers, she makes a few sexy noises, writhes around like a fish on a line, does a slight duck-face, squeaks, and it's over in 2 seconds. So graceful! Like a majestic swan, if the majestic swan was diddling itself natalie a perfectly-made Kate Spade bedspread with the quiet tones portman Iron and Wine in the background.

So, is this what female masturbation's really like? Sorry, dudes:. Plaza, as a teenage virgin sexually experimenting before college, masturbates by humping a masterbates.

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Apparently, she's actually masturbating for reals in the scene. Props to her, man. Carey mentions the awkward, clunky onscreen sesh in contrast to Natalie Portman's masturbation scene in Black Swanand other similar female 'bating scenes in movies: What actually happens are weird faces, weird noises, awkward and often face-down — just like korean bj sex women can only come from being on top.

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I mean, hello?