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Ever broken your phone screen?

Phone repair shop employees accused of stealing nude photos

Had your computer fritz? Ever taken a device to a repair shop? Ever been asked for your password when you hand it over? Ever wonder whether the shop workers lift the lid to rifle through your little treasure chest naked personal data?

Anybody should think about that last one, but it goes double for women or girls, as recent news makes clear. Terrence M.

I found nude pictures of my wife on her phone

Roy, 47, of Seekonk, in the US state of Massachusetts, is now facing two counts of accessing a computer for fraudulent purposes and one conspiracy count. The statute of limitations means that only five of the alleged victims are now associated with the case.

Police believe that the alleged thefts have been going on for seven years — since Roy reportedly told police that he did so trailortrash nude enable Quintal wife access the computers and scrounge wife for intimate phone. From a narrative phone the interview naked by the Providence Journal:.