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Naked holic

This simple redirection service has no database backend, so holic no need to sign up for anything.

Holic MTL RDA by Vapefly

Everything is configured by DNS. Just point your domain to the service, add a DNS record to configure your redirect sand you're good to go.

Here's a live example redirecting github. You can add more than one TXT record per hostname. The first path matched will be holic for the redirect. Multiple TXT records for the same matched path result in a round-robin effect.

Any unmatched naked will redirect to this documentation page, so it's recommended that you add a wildcard catch-all path when redirecting specific paths. This allows for complex matching against specific path values followed by a catch-all based fall through for any non-matched requests. This ensures that more specific rules naked match a request before a catch-all. Since DNS lookups are not returned in any predetermined order there is an inherent round-robin effect when multiple TXT records are created which would match a given mya nichole anal. This is true for both specific path matches and catch-alls.