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Naked girl fanfiction

Naruto was always alone he had no one.

Victorious N-I-S Chapter 1, a victorious fanfic | FanFiction

No one liked him and he barley trusted anyone else. So what happens when a girl crashes down on him from the sky Where did she come from? Why is she here? Why doesn't she remember anything? Why does Naruto's life change after meeting her.

She had two papers covering her nipples and cloth covering her 'Down There' but it was dangerously short. Naruto jumped on girl roof top and started running and jumping fast he looked back surprised to find she was not far behind. In fact she was right beside him she smiled and waved at him he nodded and looked straight ahead.

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He vikki snow porn noticed how beautiful she look in the dark blue sky and the moon shining behind her he stared at her for a while till. They finally arrived to Naruto's apartment he sighed and opened the door and flipping the light switch on.

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He sighed this is all he could get for being a demon spawn and fanfiction his eyes darken a little before shaking his head. Her blue hair flowed down and long she turned to face Sexymaorigirls and took off her cloth, Naruto's face turned red and he naked turned around.

Naruto rolled his eyes and shut the closet door walking back to the bathroom.

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He knocked on the door.