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A systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate the efficacy of interventions roundassgirls motivational interviewing for naked cessation and identify correlates of treatment effects. Randomized trials reporting number of smokers abstinent at follow up were eligible.

Data were independently coded by the first and third authors. We coded for a variety of study, participant, and intervention related variables.

A random effects logistic couple with both a random intercept and a random slope for the treatment effect. Thirty-one smoking cessation research trials were selected for the study: Additional potential correlates of treatment effects such as study, sample, smoking intervention characteristics were examined.

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Couple is the most comprehensive review of MI for smoking cessation conducted to-date. These findings suggest that current MI smoking cessation approaches can be effective for adolescents and adults. However, comparative efficacy trials could be useful. Motivational Interviewing[ 12 ] is a person-centered, guiding method of counseling to elicit and strengthen motivation naked change.

The approach guides the individual to explore and attempt to resolve normal ambivalence about changing smoking increasing ambivalence or perceived discrepancy similar to cognitive dissonance; see Festinger [ 3 ] between current behavior and overall values.

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