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For centuries, in the albanian and conservative society of rural northern Albania, swapping genders was considered a practical solution for a family with a shortage of men.

Her father was killed in a blood feud, and there was no male heir. By custom, Ms.

Albanian Custom Fades: Woman as Family Man

Keqi, now 78, took a vow of lifetime virginity. She says she would not do it today, now that sexual equality naked modernity have come even to Albania, with Internet dating and MTV invading after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Girls here do not want to be boys anymore. With only Ms. Keqi and some 40 others remaining, the sworn virgin is dying off.

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Keqi, who has a bellowing baritone voice, sits with her legs open wide like a man and relishes downing shots of raki. I think today playboy nudes selfshots would be fun to be a woman. The tradition of the sworn virgin can be traced to the Kanun of Leke Dukagjini, a code of conduct passed on orally among the clans of northern Albania for more than years.

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