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Mila kunis bootcamp

The idea behind the film, which is very loosely based on factual events, boils down to child manipulation, isolation, kunis torture and of course, murder.

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The problem with Boot Mila is that screenwriters Agatha Dominik and John Cox are too damn bootcamp to push the boundaries far enough to even pretend to be horror. Maybe they never felt the feature should be considered a horror picture, but rather a drama, while kunis production company behind the release seemed to feel it would be a fine push as a genre offering. Not even a little bit of passion. Rather than bringing a potentially terrifying tale to a roaring rate of speed, pedal to the metal with the stick stuck in porn performance, Boot Camp stays perennially confined to second gear, following the motions of a bootcamp film without ever taking a single risk by stepping outside of the box and making motions reality.

‘Boot Camp’ Should Never Have Been Made (Review)

There are mila opportunities to shock the hell out of viewers, ratchet the terror up to ten and give genre fans a dose of genuine horror, but it never happens. It never even comes close to happening. Boot Camp starts as a watered down piece of cinema and ends just the same.

How you can explore territory of this nature and turn up nothing but PG-garbage that is entirely predictable is far, far beyond my grasp.

‘Boot Camp’ Should Never Have Been Made (Review) – Addicted to Horror Movies

Every scene that should crash into the heart and spark emotion sputters and dies, hindered by subpar performances anchored by forgettable dialogue. He eases off the gas just as the film finally seems to begin gaining a little momentum. Rather than a big, dynamic finish, we get a soulless paint-by-the-numbers wrap.