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Michelle Pfeiffer looking sexy while wearing only a towel. From Into the Night. Michelle Pfeiffer naked in a bathroom with one leg propped up, showing part of her bare ass while she retrieves some diamonds from a hiding place between her legs.

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From the movie Into the Night. Michelle Pfeiffer having a guy pull up her nightie to kiss her stomach before the nightie gets removed entirely and they have sex. Michelle Pfeiffer removing her white blouse to reveal a light pink bra and then talking on the phone while finding michellephiphernude shirt to put on. Michelle Pfeiffer wearing only a white t-shirt xxxfuckvideodown the outline of her panties showing through as she brushes her teeth and shaves her legs at a bathroom sink with her ass hanging out of the bottom of the shirt slightly before she starts trying on different shirts and giving us some looks at her in a bra as well as in black top that she sticks her hands down to adjust her breasts while trying to make cleavage.

Michelle Pfeiffer straddling michellephiphernude guy on a bed as she slowly undoes her white dress and then removes it to reveal her bare back before she leans down and kisses him giving us a look at the side of her right michellephiphernude with some tape over her nipple in the process. Michelle Pfeiffer lying topless on her stomach getting a massage as she slaps a guy on the ass while he walks by causing her chest to lift up revealing her right breast with tape over her nipple.