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Large hips

15 Struggles Of Being The Girl With Wide Hips

I am wondering what the right style of trousers would large for my shape. My waist is 35 inches, however the widest part of me is around hips tops of my thighs at 49 inches, rather than my hips. I have an absolute nightmare trying on jeans and have very rarely tried on trousers because of the general unpleasantness of the event.

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How can I buy trousers that can accommodate my thighs without making it either impossible to bend my legs, or busty nede girls gape-y at the top. Jane's answer Asking about the style of trousers that work for your shape is such a good question to ask as opposed to where can I find Of course, I don't know what your horizontal shape is, or your your hips shapeor how tall you are and so on.

Wide Hips: Facts and Ways to Trim Fat

However, from what you've described it sounds as if styles that would work for a triangle horizontal body shape would work for you, for your bottom half anyway. What to look for: Even without knowing specific brands that work for you, using these guidelines, it is possible large make an educated guess as to whether a style will work. Average Rating.