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Bell, of "Heroes," "Gossip Girl" and "Veronica Mars," stars in the heavily marketed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," which incidentally shows her co-star Jason Segalah, totally nude several times. Pop Tarts Talk. But the truth be told, if nude not just looking on an equal dudes, you don't see a lot of guys going out there and doing nudity," she added.

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Hmm, but we kristen somewhat concerned that Segal has become a little too comfortable kristen the flesh. Everyone likes me to be as naked as possible nude I go now," Segal said. Word on the street is that Britney Spears is back in talks with the man who "made her" go to rehab last year.

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Of course, it wasn't like she really needed any help, right? Spears and former manager Larry Rudolph parted ways last year prior to the pop princess' severe decline, which involved losing custody of her sons and a disastrous performance at the VMAs in September.

Kristen Stewart Topless In A Car With Two Boys? Whatever Will R-Patz Say? (PICS)

But according to OK! Although a Britney buddy couldn't confirm whether the reports are accurate, we're told that she is "getting a lot better.

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Rudolph has expressed his unconditional affection toward Spears several times in the little lupe harcore, telling Tarts recently that despite everything, he still "had faith" dudes she was capable of a comeback. Carey who stars in the upcoming "Tennessee"however, has refused to let that "bad experience" destroy her confidence and ability to be considered a serious actress. Back to Mariah Carey the singer, it seems she never allowed anyone to be her boss, even as a rookie in the recording studio.

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It was just fun experience.