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When Lin Yu-han has a successful date, she uses Twitter to talk about it. Lin is part of a grassroots sexual revolution sweeping South Koreawhere a deeply conservative society is beginning to loosen up when it comes to sex, and women are challenging centuries of strict gender roles in relationships. Long held taboos around sex are rapidly melting away, giving rise to more casual relationships and korei focus on marriage, while doctors have seen a sharp increase in the tiny anal bondage of patients asking for contraceptives.


The year-old has been chronicling her relationships and thoughts on sex for more than two years, originally with the aim of encouraging other young women to be korei independent. Despite the country having some of the fastest internet in the world, the government regularly censors online pornographyplacing it on the same level as gambling and Sexxx Korean propaganda.

Pleasure Labin the fashionable tree-lined Dosan neighbourhood, mainly focuses on women, sexxx its founder, Eura Kwak, a former nurse, holds regular educational seminars.

With Kendrick Lamar on the sound system and a clean, minimalist design, the shop tries to shake the seedy image most associate with sex toys. Staff ensure every customer receives a pamphlet with a detailed drawing showing the location of the clitoris.

While portrayals of relationships in mainstream media remain largely chaste, there have been a few korei programmes.

The television show Witch Hunt, which first aired inwww britishwomen com known for its frank talk about sex and relationships, but was originally conceived as a programme to teach sexxx men how to succeed in romance and all of the four hosts were male. The crime had been punishable by up to two years in prison, although jail time had become increasingly rare.

The court had previously reviewed the law three times and kept it in place.