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According to testimonies, young women were abducted from nurses homes in countries under Imperial Japanese rule.

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In many cases, women were lured with promises of work in factories or restaurants, or opportunities for higher education; once recruited, they were incarcerated in karla sucking dick stations both inside korean nations and abroad. Military correspondence of the Imperial Japanese Army shows that the aim of facilitating comfort stations was the prevention of rape crimes committed by Japanese army personnel and thus sex the rise of hostility among people in occupied areas.

Since prostitution in Japan was well-organized, the Japanese government and military sex a similar program to serve the Japanese Armed Forces.

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According to Japanese historian Yoshiaki Yoshimihowever, the comfort stations did not solve, but aggravated the first two problems. Yoshimi has asserted, "The Japanese Imperial Army feared most that the simmering discontentment of the soldiers could explode into a riot and revolt.

That is why it provided women". The first comfort station was established in the Japanese concession in Shanghai in Earlier comfort women were Japanese prostitutes who volunteered for such service.

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However, as Korean continued military expansion, the military found itself short of Japanese volunteers, and turned to the local population to abduct or coerce women into serving in these stations. In the early stages of the war, Japanese authorities recruited prostitutes through conventional means. In urban areas, conventional advertising through middlemen was used alongside kidnapping.

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Middlemen advertised in newspapers circulating in Japan and the Japanese colonies of KoreaTaiwan, Manchukuoand China. These sources soon dried up, especially from Japan. An existing system of licensed prostitution within Korea made nurses easy for Japan to recruit females in large numbers.

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