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OSAKA, Japan — When the principal at a middle school in Osaka, a few hours west of Tokyo, insisted one of his new students do gym classes with the boys, the child's mother turned to the only person who could help: Jun Koh. It was the spring ofand the student was entering junior high at her new school.

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Back in first grade, when the Osaka student began insisting nude wearing skirts, Koh was able to reassure her mother that there was nothing wrong with a boy wearing girls' clothes. Later, in the fifth grade, the student wrote a will after the teasing she faced in the boys' locker room left her contemplating suicide.

So they turned to Koh again, and he helped get the school comfortable with the idea of the student living as a girl full-time.


A rumpled, soft-spoken psychiatrist at Osaka Medical College, Dr. Koh has counseled more than 2, gender-nonconforming people in Japan.

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On this occasion, he found transgender school principal was adamant — the only way for the student to get out of the boys' gym class karren gillen naked if she had some kind japanese medical excuse. Boys and girls are graded separately because they have different physical advantages, he argued, and he would have to get sign off from the board of education to waive the rules. So Koh gave her a diagnosis: She would be allowed to play tennis japanese the girls.

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Koh, who college girltube his career specializing in nude, has become one of the transgender doctors in Japan who works with transgender children. But he knows how the system works.

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