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In a strange sequence of happenings, it is funny how an audio clip has surfaced on the Internet where we hear the two superstars Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor who are talking and flirting girls a friend named Pooja.

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A youth has been arrested for allegedly showing a porn clip to a girl near Shivanagh, Kadri, on Wednesday. Hair accessories have had an overhaul and are now one of the girls sought-after accessories. Be it barrettes, velvet headbands dick petersen embellished pins, there are multiple chic options for women to dress up their hair.

Jammu Instagram fitness celebrity, Nude Yoga Girl, is making nude yoga the new jammu fad.

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She asks her followers to share her nude nude photos and why she does that? An year-old man from Oshiwara who had befriended a nude girl from Khar on a social networking site has been arrested for allegedly uploading her nude pictures and blackmailing the girl and her mother.

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A Class-XII student ended her life on Monday night after her estranged boyfriend uploaded her objectionable photographs on Facebook following which, her marriage negotiation fell through. Sat, Aug 17, Updated Notification Center.