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By Ivan Pereira. After purchasing a year-old woman for prostitution and blackmailing her into not testifying against him, a St. Albans pimp was brought to twins last week when he was convicted under a new state sex trafficking law, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. The Queens jury found David Brown, 32, of th Road, guilty of kidnapping, sex trafficking, promoting prostitution and other charges late Dec.

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The conviction marks the latest chapter in an ongoing investigation that started last summer, when the pimp bought the victim from his ex-girlfriend, the DA said. After he acquired the victim in AugustDavid Brown immediately told her she would be his prostitute and give jamaican all the money she earned, the DA said.

David Brown backed up twins threats by having someone watch the victim any time he gif fucking xxx the apartment, according to jamaican DA. The pimp took several nude photos of the victim and posted the images on Craigslist for ads for sex services, the DA said.

On Aug. The pair were arrested the next day and arraigned, but before a grand jury could convene, the victim had disappeared and David Brown and Isakadze were released, according to the DA.

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The girl was found a month later after she was arrested for loitering for prostitution, DA Brown said. Investigators later learned that a friend of David Brown, Devon Nude, 27, of Far Rockaway, had paid the victim not to testify and hidden her.

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David Brown was subsequently rearrested and indicted and Gordon pleaded guilty to tampering with a witness, according to the DA. Isakadze, who has been indicted on rape and promoting prostitution charges, is still a fugitive. Reach reporter Ivan Pereira nude e-mail at ipereira cnglocal.

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