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As the daughter of proud Vietnamese immigrants, Nude girls macau was born in Indonesiathe floating emerald islands.

Freedom is an honor and privilege that some people take for granted. For my parents Dang and Rose Truong and their families, the pursuit of freedom and happiness is their American dream. However, their respective journeys to freedom and establishing roots in a new country were not easy. My family and I are very happy living out our American dream in Marietta.

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My parents have fulfilled their Naked dream of having the freedom to choose their occupations and provide financial security for our family to enjoy life fully and happily. Now my sisters and I will continue to study hard in school so that we can pursue any opportunities that interest us.

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One indonesia our interests is to maintain our Vietnamese heritage even though we celeb in America. My family and I are very proud of our Vietnamese heritage and we keep it alive by speaking the language at home, watching Vietnamese entertainment shows, eating naked Vietnamese foods, attending Mass at a Vietnamese Baptist church, and participating in Vietnamese cultural events. So we are very thankful to be living in the United States of America, a free country that not only offers many opportunities, but celeb allows us the freedom to celebrate our Vietnamese heritage.

May God continue to bless America indeed! Acting and Modeling has always indonesia a passion of mine. I am easy to work with, always on time, very professional.