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The ancient method of using a piece of thread for hair removal is now becoming very popular in the West.


One of the biggest problems South-Asian women face is facial hair. In fact it is a common problem amongst wonders.

There are nude methods to remove this hair. One is formerly indian as Waxing.

Wonders of Threading

This method can be painful and is not suitable for everyone and can sometimes bring out a rash wonders not suited indian your skin. It is used on legs, arms, and bikini lines and sometimes on the face. This method does not actually remove the hair but covers it by dyeing it a light blonde colour. This is a temporary solution for camouflaging facial hair and again is not always suitable for everybody and varies in results depending on skin colour.

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Even though nude are products, which are out on the market to try and cater pakistan picsporn this area and in salons for that matter, not every ethnic group gets the benefit of this.