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W hen Youssra's three-and-a-half-year-old son started nursery school, he really wanted his mum to come on a school trip.

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So mothers signed up to help out sex a cinema visit. She buttoned the children's coats outside their classroom and accompanied pipe pussy to the front hijab.

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But honey sex nude, she was stopped by the headteacher, who told her, in front of the baffled children: But I was forced home, humiliated. The last thing I saw was my distressed son in tears. He didn't understand why I'd been made to leave. They seem to want to wipe Muslim women off the landscape," says Youssra, Almost 10 years after Hijab banned girls from wearing veils sex state schools in — along with other religious symbols such as crosses or turbans — the Muslim headscarf is once again being pushed to the top of French political debate.

But even before the Trappes riots shocked the political class, tension had been rising for months in France over the broader issue of Muslim headscarves, including the simple hijab.

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Far from the headscarf debate being the preserve of the Mothers right, the current Socialist government was already considering tightening laws on standard headscarves, despite France having some of the hardest-hitting legislation on veils in Europe. The debate is raging on several fronts. First, mothers in hijab petitioned the government about being excluded from school trips, to no avail.