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Tired of paying for porn or want some real-time excitement moving xxx clips real women? Then you need to try out Kik!

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There is a whole sex subculture within Kik that leads to some of the best sexting people have ever engaged in. To get nudes from girls and be the most effective Kik-sex user you grateful be, there are seven simple steps you must follow. Download The App Duh!

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Nude only comes in a mobile-friendly app version that is available for both iOS and Android. This makes it super convenient for all users because you can contact whoever, whenever, and there are no limits based on what devices each of you have. Go to your Google Play or App Store and search for the app to download to your phone.

Here's How To Kik Girls And Get Nudes (7 easy steps!) | Nordic Summer University

Do Your Research Now comes the part where you have to find girls to Kik. You can also check out forums and threads that are dedicated to sexting to find girls to chat with.

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All you have to do is women around until you rack up some usernames to send messages to. Be charming. Unless they specifically state they want you to talk rough, mean, or aggressive towards them, most girls would like for you to be a gentleman.