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Print Friendly. Nothing is known about the girl who would become Kyra prior to the age of Some accounts suggest that her birth name was Audrey website. She traveled disguised as a boy because she thought people would be less inclined to give her trouble that way.

Review: Katee Sackhoff’s character in “Riddick” turns out to be just another “Dahl”

It was there that Jack met Riddickan infamous outlaw. Jack was enthralled with Riddick, who was everything she wanted to be — tough and dangerous, feared and respected.

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She began to dress like he girls and mimic his speech patterns. Riddick, who had a bit of a soft spot for children, quietly humored her and even began to be somewhat protective of her. Jack riddick to follow Riddick. She traveled to Lupus 5 and signed up with a group of mercs. Unfortunately, their only interest in Jack was as a commodity and she was promptly sold to slavers.

Where Are All The Monster Girls?

She tried to escape and killed several of them in the process. As a result, Jack ended up in mocha milf slave-labor prison on Crematoria. Feeling betrayed and abandoned, Jack made as complete a break from her past as she could under the circumstances, changing her name to Kyra.

He hoped to get her out of the prison and to try and make things right between them.