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She pooped all over the sheets. She also didn't realize this was a possible outcome and was mortified by the whole ordeal.

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Lucky for her, her boyfriend thought it was hilarious. They were able to laugh it off and move on with their lives.

Is Blood in My Toddler’s Poop a Cause for Concern?

First of all, I think anything having to do with pooping is hilarious, so this topic tapped right into my sense of humor. By Candice Jalili. Second, I think this is a fascinating phenomenon that we need to discuss more openly. Read their stories and get aroused, laugh, cry He got a little dirty, but it was worth it.

6 People On Accidentally Pooping After Anal Sex

I pooped myself the first time I ever had carmen villalobo naked with a guy. I was mortified; it was all over the sheets and everything. But he gave me great life advice: