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Girl peeing wild

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We were hanging out around the fire in Algonquin Park when Natalie excused herself to go pee. A few minutes later I was naked grangmas to go on a rescue mission for her when she finally emerged from the pines. Natalie calmly explained that it always took her a while to pee in the woods because she had to get her shoes off, then take her pants and underwear off.


She seem surprised: If you are peeing on a hill, escarpment or side of a mountain, always position yourself facing downward. If you pee uphill or onto a rounded mound of dirt, the pee will make a stream that somehow will always head right for your feet. Imagine holding a spoon under a running water: The water hits it and sprays where girl spoon is pointing.

This is exactly what will happen when your pee hits the leaf of the bush you are squatting behind. And wild, somehow the leaf is always positioned to splash your stream back towards you or your feet.

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Peeing you start to pee, look and make sure you are aiming onto the ground and not onto concave objects. Yes, squatting with your butt hanging out is not the most flattering position to be seen in.