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Frenchsexy girl

Sign up or log in to share. French is the language of love. If some random guy walked up to me and said some French word, no matter what he said free lesbianteen how he looks I'd think it's sexy.

French Sexy lithuanian girl

That shows confidence. Im not american and I totally agree if any other hot guy asked me out I would have to think about it but if a frence hot guy did I would say yes obvs keeping in mind that he may be playin games as girl has many options.

I do think that any accent sounds nice. I guess it is becuse I speak another language aswell and know how speaking a frenchsexy language does not really change anything, I also hate it whene people tell me to say something in a different language, first I don't know what to say, and it frenchsexy not mean anyhting to me if I speak arabic or korean or anything, sounds the same to me I tdoes not bug me that much though, I think people just like foreign accents in general, but Girl specifically is known as the language of love.