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Android media players are slowly becoming freestreamsextv staple device to have as part of your home theatre setup at home.


Thanks to the freestreamsextv flexibility of the Android operating freestreamsextv and the ability to run Kodi easily, Android boxes give you access to a world of online entertainment from the most popular TV shows to the latest movies. This is something that the Freestream Box is looking to simplify even further by creating a powerful yet simple plug and play Android box. Does the Frestreambox deliver on this promise? The Freestream X8 media player comes packaged in nice looking, matte white box this shows the Freestreamsextv X8 logo front and centre.

The Kodi logo is shown on the front of the box along with the 4k ultra HD logo. On the read of the box is where the specifications of the device are displayed along with the URL for the product website.

Freestream X8 Review

The box was made of sturdy construction showed no signs of damage from shipping. Opening the box I found that all of the boxes contents freestreamsextv securely stored so that nothing would roll around during shipping which was great. The Freestream X8 looks similar to some other Android boxes on the market which is a good thing as I am a fan of the boxes design. On the top of the box you can see the big bold X8 logo as well as the power button.

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The box is made of a solid black plastic that did not feel flimsy at all. The device felt strong and sturdy and I did not feel freestreamsextv. As the Freestream X8 follows the familiar square style housing and sticks with a nice black colour nude silicone girls device should not have any issues fitting into your home theatre setup.