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My daughter, who turns four next week, has kept active this summer by flexy rock walls at various playgrounds, riding her bike around our flexy, doing "sprints" in our backyard she wants to run like her mommy somedayand pummeling her younger brother and sister when their teeth get too close to her limbs.

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Some of her peers to the North, however, are finding more "non-traditional" ways to exercise. Tweens and children as young as five are taking pole-dancing classes at a studio in Ottawa.

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Oh, and the studio offers kids birthday parties too. The media has extolled the physical and psychological benefits of pole-dancing for a few years now.

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Not just for strippers anymore, poll dancing can help women lose weight, tone the tummy, and embrace their inner sexpot, which helps their relationships.

It's not something I would feel comfortable doing 13 years of Catholic school education will do that to youbut hey, if you're flexy adult and looking for a fun group exercise class, I say, go for it. But for me, there's something deeply disturbing about young girls pole-dancing.

The studio's owner says, "Kids love the pole" and that "Children have no erotic association with the pole whatsoever" because they see poles at playgrounds, fire houses, and circuses. She contends that sexy focus of the kids' classes is fitness and technique, and not stripper moves.

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But if it's all innocent, non-sexualized fun and a great way for kids to avoid the allure of the Playstation sexy the television, why do the pole-dancing classes have names such as " Bellylicious ," " Sexy Flexy ," " Pussycat Dawls ," and " Promiscuous Girls "?

Sexy a lot that's wrong with these classes.

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Sweater girl naked girls are exposed to overtly sexual images at very young ages.